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At Alchemy Law, we aim to give you a different view on law.

We promise to provide you with:

• The highest standards of client service in the legal market

• The clearest possible advice in relation to your claim and costs

• The flexibility to fit around you and your needs.

Our standards are high. Your satisfaction is our priority. We listen to you. Try us out.

Our services

Personal Injury


If you have been injured, be it at work, on the road or elsewhere and you are thinking of making a claim then we are here to help you. You will find in us compassion, coupled with experience and tenacity, to deliver a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.

Industrial Disease

industrial diseases

Unlike straightforward accidents at work, Industrial Disease claims arise from exposure to something harmful at work over a period of time. Whilst there are many lawyers in this field, few can match our knowledge and experience.

Challenging A Will

challenging will

Challenging a will is a complex area of law and one that requires specialist, professional advice. It is also necessary to act very quickly if you find yourself in this unpleasant situation. Alchemy Law has a wealth of experience in seeking to redress unfair or invalid wills.

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Our Promise To You

Friendly Service

What do you expect when you see your solicitor? A stuffed suit, talking to you in legal jargon, keen to get you out of the office so they can get on with far more pressing business? Let us change those expectations.

Jargon-Free Advice

Plain English. That works for us and we hope it works for you. We don’t see the point in trying to impress you with long words or Latin. That might have been the norm in previous decades but it’s not how we do things.


Want us to call you out of work hours? Fine.
Need to meet at the weekend? Sure.
Prefer email to paper letters? No problem.
We fit around our clients, not the other way round.

Latest news

Chronic Pain – what is it?

We are seeing an increase in clients coming to us with cases involving Chronic Pain. But many people are still in the dark as to what this actually is. Dismissed in the past as being ‘all in your head’, the medical community is beginning to acknowledge that where pain is no longer indicative of a healthy nervous system, […]

Fraud Cases? Don’t believe the hype…

There is one thing you cannot help but admire about the insurance industry – and that is its ability to spread whatever message it feels is appropriate, either directly through its twisting of basic facts or through its mouthpieces in the government. It is almost taken as fact that there is both a ‘compensation culture’ […]

Personal Injury Trusts – do I need one?

Where compensation is received for personal injuries, there are advantages to paying this into a Personal Injury Trust, particularly in relation to benefits. Even if you are not receiving minimal benefits when you settle your personal injury claim, this is still something to consider as the position could easily change in the future. Many benefits are means-tested […]

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