So there's lots in the news at the moment about how outrageous it is that holiday companies are facing big legal bills from people who have had their holidays ruined. 
But whose fault is that? 
We all look forward to holidays and we want them to be nice when they happen - who'd rather be in work than on a beach somewhere relaxing.... And if your holiday is ruined by virtue of people not doing what they should, then why shouldn't you be able to recover compensation for the spoiled holiday? 
What the insurers aren't telling you is why these costs are so high - and it's simple. They don't like paying holiday claims. So what they do is fight them, every inch of the way, and then pay them at the very end. And guess what happens to costs when insurers do that. Of course they are going to be much higher. If insurers took a sensible stance at the outset and paid out on cases where there was clear evidence of negligence, the costs would be much lower. 
As always, it's insurers blaming solicitors for what is essentially a problem of their own making. 
If you have had a holiday ruined, get in touch with us for a free discussion about whether you may be able to make a claim. 
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